Press Start to begin*

*Disclaimer: the Alertness Checker is a research tool and should not be used to check ability to drive or operate machinery in safety-critical applications. Results are only indicative of alertness.

First let us know how alert you think you are. Click or tap on one of the buttons below, then press Next.

At the moment I am ...

Extremely alert
Very alert
Rather alert
Neither alert nor sleepy
Feeling some signs of sleepiness
Sleepy, but no difficulty in remaining awake
Sleepy, some effort to keep awake
Extremely sleepy, fighting sleep

Now we are going to test your actual alertness.

In the test you will see two boxes. In the top box you will see a circle moving backwards and forwards. All you need to do is move the circle in the lower box to match the circle in the upper box. You can click and drag the lower circle to move it with the mouse, or tap and drag to move it with your finger.

The test starts when you move the lower circle for the first time. You must keep moving the lower circle to match the upper one until the test is complete. This will take a couple of minutes.

Watch the upper circle carefully because it may do unexpected things to trick you.

Drag the lower circle to keep it in line with the upper circle.
The test starts when you move the circle for the first time.

Alertness Test Results